12 TechMods Ideas You Need To Try in Minecraft


Minecraft, the famous sandbox game that has taken many hearts by storm throughout centuries is constantly growing and changing. The basic gameplay mechanics of the game include mining, crafting, and building; it is only through the use of techmods that Minecraft was pushed to a whole new level. In this piece, we’ll discover the best 12 Minecraft techmods which are not only improving gameplay but also introduce tons of technology magic into a blocky world. You can be an old timer or a newcomer, these techmods will surely take your Minecraft experience to another level.


12 TechMods Ideas For You

1. IndustrialCraft 2 – Revolutionizing Automation


IndustrialCraft2 is an industrialization techmod for Minecraft, a Minecraft techmod in the world of MC. It has developed powerful machinery and power systems that allow players to automate resource processing, energy production et cetera. The techmod provides new ores, tools, and contraptions that allow players to construct complicated factories as well as power grids so they can streamline their gameplay.

2. Applied Energistics 2 – Smart Storage Solutions

Fed up with dealing with hundreds of chests and sorting the items manually? The answer is Applied Energistics 2. This techmod adds an advanced storage system that allows players to store, retrieve, and organize items more intuitively. Using ME Networks and storage cells, inventory woes will be history.

3. Thermal Expansion – Powering Progress

Thermal Expansion is a techmod dedicated to automation and energy generation. It introduces several machines that can run with different types of energy in the form of Redstone Flux (RF). Thermal Expansion provides a set of tools ranging from ore processing to item transportation that can significantly simplify Minecraft operations.

4. Immersive Engineering – Aesthetic Innovation

Immersive Engineering merges practicality with design, providing players with an aesthetically beautiful and experiential tech adventure. This techmod features several industrial machines as well as a realistic power transmission, and multi-block structures. This techmod is highly recommended for anyone interested in creating a more realistic Minecraft world through Immersive Engineering.

5. BuildCraft – Pipe Dreams Come True

BuildCraft is an old Minecraft techmod that revolves around automation using pipes. These pipes can carry materials, liquids, or even the energy itself from one machine to another reducing complicated logistics. With BuildCraft, you can craft elaborate networks that will automate your resource extraction and processing.

6. Ender IO – Integration Redefined

Ender IO is a fairly multipurpose techmod that easily connects with many parts of Minecraft. This techmod provides a variety of features, including upgraded carriers for products and energy as well as farming sites along with dimensional travel. Ender IO is renowned for its compatibility with other techmods and therefore works perfectly on every Minecraft installation.

7. Mekanism – Fusion of Technology and Futurism

Mekanism adds a futuristic element to Minecraft through its advanced machinery and futuristic elements. The techmod also has a detailed power system, ore refining, and even an autonomous miner for resource harvesting. It brings a hint of the future to your Minecraft adventures thanks to its sleek design and variety of features.

8. RedPower 2 – Classic Innovation

Although made available for the platform back in Minecraft techmodding in the early days, RedPower 2 is still an immortal classic today. While not actively developed anymore, this techmod catalyzed many of today’s techmods. RedPower 2 brought elements such as the transport of items using pneumatic tubes and red alloy wiring allowing compact, controlled, and effective circuits.

9. RFTools – Dimensional Delights

RFTools is a techmod that provides an additional stage to Minecraft gameplay – in fact, literally. Within this new world, players have the power to build and delve into their custom dimensions where they can use elaborate machines that are primed by automation. RFTools also provides modular storage, teleportation systems, and others that make it a perfect addition to any pack of modules.

10. OpenComputers – Coding in the Blocks

For coders and programmers, OpenComputers is a techmod that offers players an opportunity to create their in-game computers using the Lua programming language. These computers are programmed to control different aspects of the game, automate tasks, and interact with their environment. OpenComputers offers something deeper and more inventive for those with a mind for coding.

11. ComputerCraft – Digital Revolution

Just like OpenComputers, ComputerCraft is a technology techmod in which computers are programmable in the world of Minecraft. | Players use Lua to write programs for turtles which are in-game robots programmed to accomplish tasks such as digging, building, and farming. This techmod is a good option for individuals who wish to play games and code at the same time.

12. Galacticraft – Minecraft Beyond the Stars

Galacticraft drastically raises the Minecraft bar – to space and beyond. Players can take an adventure into the greatness of space by crafting and launching rockets within this techmod. The universe from the moon to other planets, Galacticraft provides a space-faring journey featuring various aspects such as space stations, oxygen management, and alien exploration.


The techmods for Minecraft have evolved the gameplay, providing a vast array of options that characterize players can enjoy. From automation to storage options and even intergalactic pursuits, the techmods above address various play styles. As you explore the world of Minecraft, it is recommended that you take advantage of these techmods to help enhance your experience and showcase an innovative element for this blocky universe.

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