Top 10 Most Beautiful Universities in The US

1. Berry College, Georgia

Berry College is a private liberal arts college in the state of Georgia which is called America’s most beautiful campus. The amalgam of Gothic buildings and colossal 27,000 acres of existing plains, forests, water bodies, and fountains innervate this gallery of magnificent US universities. It draws many hikers and bicyclists each year and even its location was shot for the movies “Remember the Titans” and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

2. University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado

Just at the Rocky Mountains’ base, is the nature-driven beauty of the University of Colorado. Incredible lookouts along with several bike tracks as well as the vast national parks and forests let people spend time with nature to their heart’s content. Those aren’t the only buildings, the others have their battle against the backdrop of mountains, red-tiled roofs, and sandstone walls that were the pioneer designs of architect Charles Klauder.

3. Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania

It is one of the most enchanting campuses in the US and it is a private women’s college, historically. Bryn Mawr was the first university to employ a Gothic architectural style that has since been imitated in many other universities — Princeton being among them. Amongst the more than 135 tranquil acres of campus also is a little duck pond, along with hundreds of trees that blossom in the spring.

4. Stanford University, California

Stanford University, which is one of the world’s most prestigious universities, attracts as much attention for its picturesque campus. The university’s icon, the Stanford Memorial Church, was constructed during the time of the American Renaissance and is garnished with colorful mosaics. St Mark’s Basilica in Venice was the source of inspiration for the use of color and stained glass that was made a part of the interior design of the church. Engaging the buildings are miles and miles of gardens, attractive flowerbeds, and tree-lined avenues.

5. University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Hawai’i

The University of Hawai’i’s flagship campus, situated in Mānoa, is Hauled frequently by rainbows because of the area’s high rainfall frequency. Coming lower and so closer to the ground, the university itself is just as scenic as you can see the rich valley full of palm trees and flowers surrounding it as well as the university beach that’s just next to it and the university’s coral reef which is utilized for the research purposes.

6. Cornell University, New York

The other list of the most stunning university chapels could be drawn up, Cornell University’s Sage Chapel would be a top one with its intricately decorated ceiling, excellent chandeliers, and stained glass windows. On the other hand, this Ivy League school’s beauty spans the campus as designer gems like the Reading Room of AD White and the famous McGraw Tower can attest.

7. University of Notre Dame, Indiana

The Golden Dome (below the picture) on top of the main administration building has become one of the most unique and distinctive symbols of the University of Notre Dame. Renovated after a fire, the dome was to be traversed by a 19-foot gilded statue of the Virgin Mary — the symbol of the university’s Catholic character. Secondary architectural landmarks are the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, with the largest collection of 19th-century French stained glass in the world.

8. Princeton University, New Jersey

Architecture at Princeton University combines styles with the oldest buildings built in a collegiate Gothic design, which is now synonymous with the school institution. At the turn of the century, Frank Gehry and Rafael Viñoly created brand-new edifices in a modernist style. The works of 20th-century art are suspended at the end of the path.

9. Furman University, South Carolina

The iconic shot of the Bell Tower near the lake is simply one of the many campus scenes that could take the spot on a postcard. From Georgian-style architecture to a Japanese garden, Furman University offers different photography locations at every turn of the path.

10. University of Virginia, Virginia

With the honor given by the American Institute of Architects that “it is the proudest achievement of American architecture in the past 200 years,” one can easily understand why. These buildings were designed by the founding father Thomas Jefferson. The Jeffersonian style of architecture is defined by the incorporation of round or octagonal plans, red bricks, and white columns. An outstanding example of this style is the Rotunda at the University of Virginia.

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